About Me

Hi, My self is Bharath Adigopula. But are you thinking about Who or What Bharathwick is? ? Hey, it’s just my nickname, and it has a long story. ?. If you had interested to know, you could read the last paragraph.

I am a Cloud DevOps engineer with 2+ years of experience in the field. I am passionate about developing and maintaining complex solutions that improve software development and deployment processes.

My expertise in cloud-based technologies, automation tools, and scripting languages has enabled me to deliver exceptional results on projects ranging from small businesses to international enterprises. I enjoy working collaboratively with cross-functional teams while leveraging my problem-solving skills to create technically sound and operationally efficient solutions.

DevOps has become an integral part of my daily life as a software engineer. Over the past two years, I have invested much time and effort into learning about this exciting field. Through tutorials, hands-on projects, and conference talks I’ve attended, I have gained valuable insights into implementing DevOps effectively. 

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge with others interested in the topic. In this blog, I will share what I’ve learned from the various sources I’ve come across throughout my journey. This blog will cover everything from CI/CD pipelines to automated deployments to infrastructure-as-code principles! My goal is to help guide anyone interested in getting started with DevOps by providing clear explanations and practical examples they can apply to their projects.

Who is Bharathwick?

When I was in 10th standard in my school, everyone had a nickname, but I didn’t have one. Because my parents or brothers always call me a Bharath. So my friends told me you should have a nickname, so try to put a nickname. Then I tried to ask my parents put some nickname for me. But they don’t have any ideas for that. For more days, I have tried to get one nickname. I suddenly got an idea to put my nickname. I just replaced the word with “NICK -> WICK. I tried with so many letters to replace with the ‘N letter, and I thought ‘W was good for me. My friends even make fun of me for putting such a name. I don’t care about this. Then, in 2014, a movie called John Wick was released under my nickname. I loved that movie so much. Since then, I have stuck with that name. @Bharathwick